Movers And packers in Auckland

Let’s face it: packing during the move is a tedious task. There are so many things to pack, so it's a time-consuming task. Plus, nobody wants their belongings (not even a single item) to be damaged during the moving process. Therefore, you need the help of professional movers and packers from Urban Movers to securely transport your belongings to the new location.

Contrary to do-it-yourself (DIY) packing and moving, there are many advantages to recruiting experienced movers. Professional packers and movers in Auckland not only make your relocation simple and safe, but they also save you time and energy.

Urban Movers specialist packing team are expert at efficiently and carefully packing your household items, fragile pieces, and commercial equipment.

Our professional packing team offers a complete packing service for local and national moves. We only use brand new, specialist removal boxes and packing materials to ensure all your belongings are kept clean, safe and secure during the entire moving process.

Specialty packing materials

Professional moving boxes

Thick, shock resistant bubble wrapping

Specialised packing paper for fragile items

Couch and chair protection Covers

Mattress protection covers

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Urban Movers New Zealand is specialist movers and packers Auckland, as well as house, office, and furniture removals. Being a top packer and mover, we offer our customers efficient and dependable packing and moving services for both local and interstate moves.

Some common packing services that we offer are:

Full-service packing

You may concentrate on theaspects of your move that need more attention, such as taking care of your family and pets, as well as all of the logistics involved. On the other hand, we’ll take care of the full packing of items in your home/office. Our experts do careful packing so that the objects remain safe during transit.

Partial packing

You decide what’s best for you! Whether you just need a few rooms packed, or just your furniture wrapped and loaded into our truck, or some other mix of services to assist you with your household/office transfer, we will provide exactly what you need.


We understand that some of our customers prefer the do-it-yourself route, where they pack their own belongings. We’ll load our truck and move your belongings, and you’ll be responsible for your own packing, unpacking, and organization.

Why Choose Urban Movers As Your Packers and Movers

Many people are unaware that movers are not responsible for things that have been packed by the owner. Hire UrbanMovers to protect your belongings and get the job done properly.

What will we do to safeguard your possessions?

Use industry-standard packing technique

The most popular packaging mistakes are not lining tops and spaces in cartons with paper or linens to prevent contents from shifting during transit. To protect your belongings from damage during transit, we use industry-standard packing techniques. Because each of the objects is one-of-a-kind, there is a particular technique for each of them!

Convenient packing of different objects

Let us pack your possessions and belongings while you can focus on other moving-related tasks. Our packers and movers make the entire moving process very convenient and hassle-free for homeowners and business owners.

We label every object we pack

We pack different objects with different labels so that it’s easier to figure out what item to find in which particular box or carton. This way the unpacking and rearranging of things in your new house or office also become less complicated.

Unpacking service

Another advantage of choosing our movers and packers NZ is that we also offer unpacking services. So, you don’t have to struggle with unpacking and arranging things yourself. This makes the entire moving process more simpler and efficient. Plus, some valuables that we pack are covered by our replacement value protection.